December 2, 2019

Beth Kendall Harris chooses the best pieces herself

The shop built by the girl who had been forced to Traveling round the world in search of personal accessories and also to the many exclusive and varied house is in and has become a must for designers and lovers of the fashion and interior design, at the shop you may always find something new to provide that special touch to every room in the house.
Not Just accessories for women and women but A wide variety of party information, lingerie, home accessories, the shrub, and Relish Metairie LA nearly any corner.

Beth Kendall Harris is not present in his Shop in New Orleans but is closely related to the webpages and everything linked in person but to its shops makes buys in a variety of areas of earth leaving a list of your visits to the most intriguing websites in Europe.

Section of those experiences can be appreciated on Vimeo, The photographs and tales of the designer’s expertise during her shopping excursions are documented for the pleasure of those who recognize from the shop a good illustration of excellent taste and elegance.

Each encounter lived by the owner while Contacting the designers of those bits that are distinctive and numerous that she will organize from the New Orleans shop.

The household also has stores devoted to Home & Garden Decor where components Are shown for decorating spaces of blossoms fountains and and design, furniture, planters, sculptures are among the exclusivities it has to please its clients in its online shop. Advice for your decoration jobs is potential before and after purchase.

The goods of the stores are imported and of High quality specially made to last in outdoor surroundings, a turn around the site will be enough to find anything that’s required to give that special and private touch on your outdoor spaces.